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The Truth It Can Be A Bit Hurtful

She does think i am rather boring and as much to me she does say
You insult the craft of the wordsmith by penning doggerel every day
Her truth to me it did seem bitter as she spoke it with so little ruth
But at least she is forthright and honest and to me she does tell the truth.

One might say i did cop it sweetly my feelings harder than my chin
She tells me the truth as she sees it and the truth it is never a sin
But she tells me one thing in my favour is that I never say I am a poet
And i never say i will be famous or seen as one worthy of note.

The truth it can be a bit hurtful at least that's how it does seem to me
She says you will never be a poet with her i cannot disagree
At least she tells it as she sees it and one who calls a spade a spade
With her i won't get a big ego and wordsmiths are born not made.

The truth it can be a bit hurtful but honesty wins every time
She told me i was a poetaster a writer of doggerel rhyme
At least she is not patronising and the truth she feels compelled to tell
But her truth does not dampen the passion that i have for penning doggerel.

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