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The Truth May Sound Bitter

At the praises of others your ego inflate
When they tell you that you are special and than you none so great
And though you may feel that their words are very sincere
For you such patronizing nonsense might be best not to hear.

The truth to you may sound bitter but at least it is true
Keep in mind there is always one better than you
Even in your home Parish and in your Hometown
Than you there is one more worthy of renown.

Praise is of little worth to you if you form the idea
That you are a true gift to humanity
Conceit is the side affects of too much self esteem
And though the truth may sound bitter 'tis better for you 'twould seem.

Fool you for believeing them when of how wonderful they tell you that you are
And that your talents and wisdom will one day take you far
And though the truth to you seems insulting 'tis not meant to be so
What you do not wish to hear can be what you ought to know.

Of every party you want to be the toast
And the praises of others is what pleases you most
You need to be flattered and you've made it quite clear
That the truth is one thing you do not wish to hear.

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