The Truth, The Lie And The Fact

The truth, the lie and the fact have met.
Let’s listen to their chat!

The truth told to the fact: Everyone lies.
The fact answered: Here is my advice:
Don’t be in a hurry with the conclusion
As everything in this world is an illusion.

The truth said:
Who will remember me?
Whose conscience will gnaw?
Will the lie accept a nondiscriminatory law?

It’s hard to tell the truth,
It’s easier to lie.
You have to forsooth,
Otherwise I’ll die.

The lie was near by listening.
What nonsense your are saying!
I am so important in man’s life.
I help in a strife.

The lie was graceful.
It was beautiful and playful.
It was not jealous but sweet,
So, darling it was, indeed!

From it’s sweet lips
The words flowed like the streamlets.
All those flattering words
Everyone took for the truth.

It lied without blush.
It tried everything to hush,
But so many men had problems
If the lie they welcomed.

People would like the lie to banish,
They would like the lie to vanish.
They would like it never be near,
Into their life to interfere.

And the lie has quickly decided
To make the union with the truth.
It was so nicely guided
By the cutest sleuth.

So, today the truth and the lie
Over the whole land fly.
Where is the truth? Where is the lie?
Can anyone tell if it’s so well?

The fact was left alone.
Only by God it was well known.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska
April the 1st,2011

by Larisa Rzhepishevska

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