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The Truth

I’m sorry for not being there
I’m sorry for never seeming to care
I’m sorry if you thought I never loved you
For that is surely not true
I’m sorry for always coming home drunk
And how my clothes always stunk
I’m sorry for not believing in you
I’m sorry that we never talked
It seemed as if we were just a couple of strangers wouldn’t you say?
I’m sorry for being hard on you even when you had a bad day
I’m sorry for never trying
I’m sorry for running away when I saw you crying
I’m sorry for leaving you in the dark
Without a light to find your way
I’m sorry for all that I’ve done to you
I’m sorry for never seeing you through
I’m sorry for putting you down
This is for everything I’ve done to you
I'm sorry you never knew the truth and the truth is I Love You.

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Melancholy and effective - well done
a penance right? it clears the system.
This is about a father who is sorry for never being there for his daughter. Yes I know I wrote I’ll be there but like I said, these things just come to me.