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The Truthful Lie
JP (26 Nov 1979 / Houston, Texas)

The Truthful Lie

Poem By Jason PraTT

previous written in latter
years under the guise of
another personality cut from
the same cloth through diff-
erent fabrics of time, like the
many faces that I wear on a
day to day basis: my face of
t r u t h is seldom ly wor
n due to my need to wear the
f a c es of fiction and false
security, yet I seem to balance
the insane schedule of living a
lie and shacking up with the truth
God and I aren’t the best of
friends although he’s my father
and I’m his child; our relation ship
is slightly sinking in sea of distant
communication and I used to live
next door to Jesus, but, I moved away
leaving only a phone number to
my soul, but I haven’t paid the
bill, so we’ve been disconnected
for quite some time now

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