(1460 - 1529 / Norfolk, England)

The People's Liberation Army Captures Nanking

Over Chungshan swept a storm, headlong,
Our mighty army, a million strong, has crossed the Great River.
The City, a tiger crouching, a dragon curling, outshines its ancient glories;
In heroic triumph heaven and earth have been overturned.
With power and to spare we must pursue the tottering foe
And not ape Hsiang Yu the conqueror seeking idle fame.
Were Nature sentient, she too would pass from youth to age,
But Man's world is mutable, seas become mulberry fields.

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Dear Elynour's brew about which this poem is about Is left completely out! The one who abstracted the poem Perhaps was not of strong stomach of one So did not quote Skelton from the Secundus passus Which is most memorable and describes the brewing mistress: For, as yll a patch as that The hennes ron tin the mash-fat; For they go to roust Streyght over the ale joust, And donge, whan it commes, In the ale tunnes. Then Elynour taketh The mashe bolle, and shaketh The hennes donge away, And skommeth it into a tray Whereas the yeest is, With her maungy fystis: And sometyme she blennes The donge of her hennes And the ale together; And sayeth, Gossyp, come hyther, This ale shal be thiycker, And flowre the more quicker; For I may tell you, I lerned it of a Jewe, When I began to brewe And I have founde it trew; Drinke now whyle it is new; -