DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

The Turning Away

the turning away

Why do we keep turning away?
It’s a sin that somehow can be accepted
Turning night to day
It’s an exception as we dream of our own
Can the streets ever be united?

We use words we heard the other day
As our minds disappear on the wings of the night
Why do they bother to try?
To change the ignorant of the mind
They prefer to just stand and stare

Is it just a silly dream to hope?
We can stop the turning away
A young girl cries through hunger
A young boy stutters from the bitter wind
Will it remain, the turning away and exception of sin

The church says they help whilst sitting on riches
The priest ask us to pray for the lost cold souls
When in reality a dip in the pocket
Can keep out the cold the hunger and the pain
Is it just a dream to stop the turning away

We accept it as just a case of another’s suffering,
And tell ourselves we are not joining in
The turning away
Light and life is turning into shadow
And it’s casting its shroud
With the turning away

With this turning away from poor souls and needs
One day it could turn the other way
As one heart bleeds another breaks
As one is turned to stone it grows
The falling of the shroud, and one day
We could find that we're all alone
in the dream of the proud

Is it just a silly dream to hope?
A dream to stop the turning away, A hope dreary?
Can we can stop the turning away
From the weak and weary

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