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The Turquoise Tablet
ED (21/2/1974 / England)

The Turquoise Tablet

Poem By Edward Durand

Infused with heart the throat vibrates
The star anointed on the brow
The lamb shows the path to heavens' gates
We're there for there is only now
Resonant drops in the ocean of time
Hum with the Earth, the Sun and the Moon
The children receive the message sublime
The blood has flowed and the tree grows its runes
The inner throne is christallised
The flow-ers open to the light
Dissolved is all the minds' disguise
The wings are grown for truest flight
The breath of fire transmutes the air
Communication surfs the waves
And earth dissolves without a care
By geometries of him that saves
The Dane don't play on chequered squares
The cosmic game's already won
The child dances up the stairs
Beyond illusion all are one.

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