A Broken Soul

In this shadow, dark and cold.
I feel you slowly leave my soul.
Now all I get inside is mourn.
My heart is grieving for your soul.
As you leave my broken soul.
My heart slowly turns real cold.
Cause without your love it won't be bold.
It won't withstand this mournful cold.
The cold wind blows and breaks my bones.
You're not here to save my soul.
What is your reason to leave me poor.
Our love was rich and nothing more.
Now all I see is shattered bones.
A cold heart and broken soul.
No warm love will take my cold,
If it's not yours that makes my soul.
The shadows grown, I see no more.
You've left my presence in this cold.
My tears of ice, my broken soul,
Has slowly led me to take my soul.
My pain so deep and yet so cold.
But now my soul forever go...

by Jessica Vera

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.....most interesting some of the words seem to be misspelled.. ..like Twa for instance, I imagine this word must be Two ★