The 'Tweet Tweet' Call Of Drongo

Poem By sundaram chandrakalaadhar

the 'tweet tweet' call


the 'tweet tweet' call 'in pairs'
from the sweet throat
of the split-tailed black dra[o]ngo
in bold postures on slender branches
matches the whispering calls
of a love in tender dreams
on a moon-flooded night!
what an aquiline shape
with a lengthy forking tail
god has blessed this bird with!
a pleasing feast for eyes
as it unfolds and tucks in
its graceful wings fanning designs
in short, sudden and swift flights
composure calm and bearing elegant
intermittent notes in melody soaked,
piped through the honeyed throat,
a beauty carved out of a glossy black!
o how many are your modulations,
each one competing with the rest
in flooding my heart and soul
in every musical excellence!
you have become my inseparable companion
amidst all morning glories!
and the music and melody of my life!

-s.chandra kalaadhar

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