The Tweeting President

How many more lies has he told today
The tweeting President of the U S of A
With him one lie leads to another previous lies to disguise
And it does seem with him he believes his own lies

Between Hilary Clinton and Donald J Trump for President for the U S voters not much of a choice
For a great Country for the wealthy and privileged they share a common voice
In a Land where millions of people live in dire poverty
And widening to a chasm the gap of inequality

The U S a once great Nation seems on the decline indeed
And of a great leader it is badly in need
Not a President who has said it is okay for men women to grope
For gender equality he offers little hope

If i said in public what Donald J trump says i would end up in jail
It is true about money the power of it never fail
Trump is no better than any of the despotic leaders in the World of today
And sadly he is the President of the once great U S A

We live in an age when lying is seen as okay
And Donald J Trump at this does lead the way
In his every tweet there are more and more lies
And each lie he tells to another gives rise.

by Francis Duggan

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Power, money and a big mouth is all that Trump has. He will never have respect! Your words spell Truth.