The Twins (Destruction And Justification)

Every act of destruction starts with an excuse
From abortions to wars and individual physical abuse.
Destruction of another will surely wait for thee
If you destroy Gods gift; of a singular human we call me.

'One cannot do more then to lay down their life for another'
Nor do so little; by the destruction; of a sister or brother.
Give to Caesar the things that belong to Caesar and no more
Give to God the things that belong to God and open the door.

My life's breath, conscience acts, according to my existence
Not a waste by sacrifice, honor, or passive resistance.
'Our children are our most important resource', often said
Yet the future annihilated by abortions for those born dead.

Our children's future is our most important concern
Yet it seems just another pronouncement that we never learn.
Our children's future is wasted; by abortions for a life never to be
So also our children's present we waste; by sending to war, you see.

We seem to come full circle for the aged needs assistance in order to die
You in positions of power don't you ever talk to your God; and ask why?
Death is not a philosphical issue as it is the specter of human time
Not just theirs and yours; but for Gods sake; and also mine.

Abortions have more than the circumvention of another life
Rather it is as in the days of old, when they did the human sacrifice.
Fetus, masestros, save the Mother, inappropriate time; the words to use
Rather Gods gift, the future to overcome and a child not to lose.

We spend so much of our resources in the preparation for defense
The unavoidable ways of man that just don't make sense.
We spend years in strategy, confrontational scenarios and the like
As tho the ills of the world can be solved by military might.

After one side or another is willing to concede and admit defeat
The victor and the vanquished withdraw but both; actually retreat.
If we only spent a tenth of the resources to manage a peaceful earth
How much more would we save and how much would it be worth?

We talk of those who died for the symbols of the living
Seldom do we say that we are sorry; for those who died in their giving.
Our monuments are for those to see their reward for dying in a war
But they don't say who won or lost and the violent dreams they saw.

04-03-06 Aho Speaks

by AHO Speaks

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