A blade of sadness,
that lead us to darkness,
and let us feel happiness,
every time we use its usefulness.

by Ralph Laurence Flores

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Please, please, please, fix the poem Two Glasses! This is one of my favorite poems, and it's painful to read it over so dreadfully mutated. The lines I noticed: I can tell of banquet, and revel, and mirth, For the proudest and grandest souls on earth Fell under my touch, as though struck with blight. Where I was a king, for I ruled in might; [this line moved from between revel and mirth and souls on earth] [insert, Greater, ] far greater than [delet any] king am I, I have made good ships go down at sea, And the shrieks of the lost were sweet to me. [insert, For they said, behold, how great you be! ] Fame, strength, wealth, genius before [chang to you] me fall; [insert, For your might and power are over all.] Ho, ho! pale brother, [change to laughed] said the wine, But I can tell of hearts that were sad [hearts once sad] By my crystal drops made [change to light] bright and glad; Of thirsts I've quenched, [change to not] and brows I've laved; [contractions] I have leaped through the valley, dashed down the mountain, Slept in the sunshine, and dripped from the fountain. [should be, Flowed in the river and played in the fountain] I have burst my cloud-fetters, and dropped from the sky, [Slept in the sunshine and dropped from the sky] And everywhere gladdened the [landscape, not prospect] and eye; That ground out the [flour, hello! ] flower, and turned at my will. I set the wine-chained captive free, [actually, chained wine-captive] These are the tales they told each other, The glass of wine and [change to the] its paler brother, I really want this poem on my poems list, but want it to be fixed first. Ella would have wanted that too. Thank you.
I learnt this poem over 50 years ago and I think the meaning of it is so true.It is indeed a poem with great depth.