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The Two Of Us
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

The Two Of Us

Poem By Alison Cassidy

They were identical twins,
Laura and Amy,
shared a humidicrib
and clung
to one another
with tiny pink hands
two halves of one

They both loved to run
running was freedom
faster than everyone
they ran and swam
hour after hour
lap after lap
they were fantastic

'You'll have to eat'
their mother said
'If you're going to run
and swim so fast.
You can't do it on nothing! '

But they could
and they did
and pretty soon
at age fourteen
they were diagnosed
with anorexia

'Let's get down to
twenty-five kilos? '

I saw their picture in the paper
the other day
they were thirty-six
and skin and bone
they looked so old
like victims from Belsen
- only their hair was dyed
and cut in yellow spikes.

They live on the pension
they have osteoporosis
they don't run any more

Why don't you get better?
'Get Better? What is better?
We love our anorexia
It's the only thing
we've got left
to make people
care about us.'

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Comments (7)

Sadly a situation of 'kesera sera' (whatever will be, will be) ...
A great spectator you are watching their day to day activities and measure how their obsessive desire to loose weight. A featherweight is more suitable for this unending journey?
Rivoting piece, just as th' many others you have stunned us with over th' months.....SO terribly true, more than just sad...Your graphical dipiction as well as the twis' philosophy, is for the copying machine at my house, just in case someday, my daughter decides to take that walk.....Thanks Allie, for a soberment to heed to.....''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''{ F j R }
you did it again Allie..... I love how you hook the reader in to what is a very deep subject but is only revealed halfway through the poem! What a fabulous insight you have on people.... in fact I will say you are the supreme people-watcher from now on.... very perceptive! HG xxx
Allie, you've put the message across well. Anorexia is not so much about food but about control. Sometimes whether to eat or not is the only control anorexics have in their lives. A well written piece, full of insight. Love, Fran xxx
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