The Two Of You

I guess you two don’t realize
To yourself, all you’re doing is telling lies
Why don’t you just open up your eyes?

Don’t you know he’s longing for you?
Just the way he looks at you
The way he smiles at you

But he doesn’t know it’s also you
It’s him you want to be with too
He doesn’t have a clue

I see both of you talking
You act like friends but you’re faking
And he’s faking it too, he’s pretending

He wants to be so much more than friends
I hope you figure it out in the end
I hope all of this will be amended

Don’t you realize it?
But I guess one day, there’ll be a click
And you two will finally realize in an instant

A poem that would describe many people, I’m sure.

by Rachel Blank

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wow.this is how me and my girlfriend kinda started out.this is also very good.