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The Two Ways
GS (April 7 1936 / Moe Victoria Australia)

The Two Ways

Poem By George Savige

There comes a time when one must say,
The road is forked, I'll choose the way.
One road is wide and bends a bit.
Will I decide to follow it,
Or take the road that's long and thin,
And leads away from earthly sin.

The road that bends seems easy 'though,
And people laugh as on they go.
'Twould seem to me they have no cares
'Bout earthly sin and all its snares.

Perhaps I'll walk a mile or two,
And share with them a smile or two.
Then later on along the track
I'll find a road that leads me back...
Well, here I go, I'm on my way,
No time to stop. No time to pray.

What road was that I had to find?
The name has slipped from in my mind.
And was there once some other goal?
I ask myself as on I roll.

I'm having fun as on I go.
A still small voice says 'don't you know,
Hey can't you see how far you fell?
This road you're on will lead to hell.'

I stop and think, what have I done?
I thought that I was having fun.

Forgive me Lord and take my hand.
Please tell me Lord, YOU understand,
And lead me back along the way,
For I was lost and gone astray.

Lord give me strength to clear the mires,
And rise above my own desires.
I thank you Lord for all you've done,
For taking me to be your son.

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