The Ugky Truth

Poem By Nicholas Wayde Turner

I can’t wait until everyone figures you out.
I’ve never had any doubt.
How could you tell me what’s safe and what’s not?
She’s about to connect the dot.
You took away my youth.
I’m scared of you and the ugly truth.
You don’t know what it was like hiding what was wrong day after day.
But now it’s your time to pay.
Help me understand why because I’m about to say good bye.
You, “the man” pushed a little kid into a wall, and you were six foot tall.
Now that he is grown you want to pretend you care.
Is this some sort of dare?
You always had an excuse.
No matter what the abuse.
You were never a man.
The only thing you had going was your fancy little tan.
You thought that you could do what you did just because you put a roof over my head.
But I never felt safe under that roof.
I would have rather moved in with a stranger named Ted.
There was always a wall between you and me.
I don’t think we’ll ever find the key.
I’m starting to figure things out now that I’m older.
And it’s getting much colder.
Its little things that I’m remembering through out the years.
Each one of them gave me the scares.
I walked around peeking around the corners hoping you wouldn’t be in the next room.
Because otherwise there may have been a big boom.
You knew, even when you woke up to the morning dew.
You know what you put me through.
You didn’t even need a crew.
I was asked one time if I felt safe in that house.
But I lied and said “yes” however, I was scared as a little mouse.
Plates and cups flew like missiles in a war.
Our family was pretty much tore.

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