The Ugliest Picture

Poem By Ubong Essien

O my tears
All alone
My soul had the sword pierced
I took it upon my very self
If the human race could be saved
God have mercy on the young soldiers
And the helpless
The lonely soldier cried

Humanity at war again
Because the consciences are blind
O my soul
I cry again
My blood dripping for the tears
While the corpses of the helpless scare my tears

In whose name is this sport
In whose name are the children dying
Thirsty souls without a drop
Except their tears and bullets
Hungry souls begging for nothing
Only a moment without the clash of weapons
A moment to remember they are still humans
A moment to see the sun by noon
How did I get to this battle field
Just to snap death bodies and pools of blood
Fallen walls and distressed nature
Is it an adventure to watch the birds eat humans
This ghosts shall I take home now
This pictures from the ugliest sport of the gods

Comments about The Ugliest Picture

Very impressing elegy. A good poetic start. Thanks.

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