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The Ugly Tree

Said the little girl
Looking at the man
Can you help me sir,
I need to understand

The man bends down
And he says to her
I'm not sure I can,
Tell me what you've heard

With tears in her eyes,
She says those boys are mean to me
They call me ugly,
Just like an ald tree

They wont let me play,
They laugh, poke fun at me
Can you tell me sir,
Is there something wrong with me?

The man he laughs
Gets down on one knee
Says let me tell you sweetheart
What it is that I see

Those are just young boys
That is how they be
One day that will change
When it does, you'll believe

They will come to you
They will not understand
It's just the way of things
When they become a man

When that day comes
And they do come to you
They will say your beautiful
And confess their love to you

They don't even know
Right now they simply tease
One day you will hold their hearts
For you are not an ugly tree.

copyright 2004 Bill Simmons

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Well written and gets the message across. I can personally relate to this poem.