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The Ultimate ''Blonde Moment''
MN (11-08-1970 / )

The Ultimate ''Blonde Moment''

Chelsey is my oldest
a needle makes her weak.
She begged to get her ears pierced
since she had learned to speak.

Her first attempt was years ago
when she was about 7.
Of course they hurt....we took them out-
next try was at 11.

She cried then too when time to change
those earrings in her ears.
She hates the sight of blood
so now she faced her fears.

When they grew over once again
she begged for one more try.
Of course I will allow it....
I hate to see my baby cry!

At 12 she should be old enough
to handle such a feat
but, no not her...yes, once again
it ended in defeat.

So, for the past few years now
she's almost 17...
she's begged for one more piercing
(the answer's no cause I'm ''so mean! '')

Last night she came out of her room
with earrings in her ears.
She laughed and was embarrassed
almost enough for tears.

Her ears had still been pierced
for the past 4 years or so!
She's just such an airhead

So now she's wearing earrings
and she's happy as a clam.
It makes me laugh to think
she's just as ditsy as I am!

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Comments (8)

WOW that is a Blonde moment but not the Ultimate funny Super
That's a really fun sweet poem! !
What A delightful encapsulation of the growing up process. Well done Mary. I'm boning up on your 'new stuff'and you show no sign of flagging.
That is an achievement Mary. I congratulate her on making it in the end. I'm sure she looks gorgeous in her 'earrings'. Love Ernestine XXX A lovely poem with a happy ending. Love Ernestine XXX
Very cute and lighthearted. - chuck
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