JJ ( / Orem, Utah)

The Ultimate Fan

You've all heard about our Seahawks,
The Super Bowl winning team.
Their twelfth man... their faithful fans,
Who come to the games and scream.

Their seats are always sold out.
Ticket holders won't miss a game.
Watching them win on television...
The thrill is not the same.

One game day I saw an empty seat.
I could not believe my eyes.
I asked a gentleman sitting near
If he knew the where and whys.

'That seat belongs to me,' he said.
'Every game my wife sat there.
But she passed away and on game day
We no longer are a pair.'

The tears ran down his wrinkled cheeks,
As he spoke of his dear wife
Who was just as avid fan as he
And a football fan for life.

'But couldn't you have brought a friend
Who would like to see them play?'
'Oh yes, I asked, but no one could come.
Her funeral is today.'

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