(1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

The Umbrella Revolution -A.K.A. - Corporation

The movement has been called
by the Communist Party in Beijing their leaders
now they are.
It's not that they mind the mass killing of
the children there
Hong Kong
and this nightmare to the leaders has become.

One country, two systems the wealty have enjoyed
since its handover from great Britain
the money to them flowed.
It is for Democracy to erupt in China since 1989.

They and their officials cannot process with a continued
combination of ruthless thuggish teatment
as is common in mainland China.

China is number one in executions every year
with Texas number two
while this McDonald's knew
media and the internet
China's President is tighly in control their repression
and there is no constraint
or desire to maintain freedom in stability and prosperity
by giving in to Democracy
Hong Kong
is one world's richest economies
and China's image should be damaged
by it's coming next this deadly botched response.

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