Just Because I Love You

You should Have heard what they say,
all the noise they made,
just to rape you off my mind.

You should have seen how they smile,
and witness their reaction
when I informed them of our love.

You should have wonder about their pretence
and noticed their insincerity,
when they smile as soon as you arrived.

You should have remember what they told you,
and inform me of their trick,
before the introduction that leads to the speculation.

You should have been more careful,
and remember that they will do anything,
to make you cry,
Just because I love you.

by Abel Udoekene

Comments (2)

Desolate winds that beat the doors of Heaven, and beat The doors of hell and blow there many a whimpering ghost Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem here.
I kiss my wailing child and press it to my breast, And hear the narrow graves calling my child and me. O heart the winds have shaken, the unappeasable host Is comelier than candles at Mother Mary's feet. This is hauntingly beautiful. I remember those days with a crying child rocking in my arms. How all the expanse of the universe can condense down to insignificance next to the voice of a single, tiny child in my arms.