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The Unbroken Curse Of The Damned

the one true God has teeth,

you know.
It's not a popular message
but even Christ can get to the point
where only hellfire expresses His emotions

Sometimes people beat and steal
and rape
and rob the innocence of children
and they become one with the sickness
they embrace the depravity
and kiss the disease
and it feeds them

you know the bible sez that our God is
a consuming fire
and i was wondering the other day
if the same fire that burns with love in me
the damned in hell

And if the same words that bless me,
condemn them...
One time i prayed for good angels to be by someone
i loved
but then i realized that
good angels would make that person very
and i was sorry
sorry for that person and sorry that i couldn't pray
good energy, by it's very nature
is justice
and so it irks injustice
because it calls it to change

the hatred of God
the anger of Jesus...

is it real ?

I was thinking that in America
there is a false god on the throne
we have a god who doesn't care enough
to do anything drastic
a god with no teeth
just an oozing blob of teddy bear sentimentality
... it seems....
cuz you know
people get angry only if they really care
intense emotion comes from the place
of urgent consideration

So just how far would the real God go to
pluck up
that choke the roses?
grave beyond

fire forever,
fire forever

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