The Uncomplete Tale Of Guts The Black Swordsman

His spirit was broken and he was a broken man
But the sword he kept would never leave his hand
No matter how many wounds he must take
He could never die when his love is at stake
His enormous sword he swings with one or both arms
His body is honed beyond limit his presence alarms
He’s known as the black swordsman and travels with a elf
If you get in his way you will wish you killed yourself
His lovers name was Caska who he needs to avenge
Guts best friend griffth who he now wants revenge
He took her away from him and joined the godhand
Guts will never stop searching for him until he’s damned
Once he finds him he will die and his soul will be bound
And his blood and intestines pouring all over the ground
The story of revenge and hate
Will increase your heart rate
The man who was born of a corpse
A bad omen the men said all sorts
Raised a mercenary and he killed for money
But the fact he didn’t die in battle was stunning
They all said he had the devils luck
It didn’t matter how much he was struck
He is the slayer of a hundred men
And was raped as a child back then
He was only nine years old but bought for the night
He tried to reach for his sword but he couldn’t fight
After that night he had a dead stare in his black eyes
And later in battle he kills him and watches as he dies
His past was rough but his future was only the beginning
As he got older the troubles he was in was not thinning
Having to fight for his freedom and prove that he is his own
Fighting griffth in the past but leaving caska to find his home
Later coming back to find out the great band of the hawk is no more
And that griffth is being held in a torture camber under the castle floor
His soldiers saved him but later griffth sacrificed them for his own way
To become a part of the godhand they had to die so he sent them away
The story of guts the black swordsman seeking his once friend
But now his enemy he will impale him on his sword in the end

this is a little thing i wrote for Berserk the tv series and manga

by sam, corrupt S, finley

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