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The Underground Car Park
( / Derby, England)

The Underground Car Park

Poem By Orlando Belo

Typical! just as I entered, all the lights have gone out,
it's just as well my car lights are on, as I drive about.
I certainly appreciate the rear lights when I'm in reverse,
without them, parking would be extremely dangerous.

I've always parked here because usually it's a well lit place,
but tonight I'm sorry to say that certainly isn't the case.
I'll sit for a while I don't want to be walking about in the dark,
opportunists are always ready to pounce in any car park.

I better turn off the car lights and sit in the dark for safety sake;
the lights will be back on soon so I'll just sit and wait.
Fifteen minutes have gone and still there are no lights.
Isn't it odd how these things always happen at night?

What was that? I heard a noise that I haven't heard before.
Now I can hear something being dragged along the floor.
How can people see what they are doing without a lamp?
It's certainly unnerving me, but it might be only a tramp.

I'm feeling rather tempted to turn on my car's main beam,
but that would be stupid and allow me to be seen.
I think I'll just close my window and lock all the doors
I don't fancy being dragged along the concrete floor.

I'll just try to stay calm and relax, I'll just close my eyes.
Oh my God! something just touched my car's nearest side.
Where are those bloody lights, why don't they come on?
Someone is behind me, but when I turned they had gone.

It's time I got out of here, I'm sick of being in the dark,
but my lights won't come on and my engine will not start.
My dear God, I'm stuck with no chance of getting out of here.
Wait, it's gone all quiet and still, perhaps there's nothing to fear.

What's happening? The car is shaking and there's someone on the roof.
Who would ever believe that this is God's honest truth.
This is more like a movie scene from New York or Manhattan,
I really didn't think these sort of things actually do happen.

The shaking has suddenly stopped and what was on the roof has gone,
I've tried my ignition and lights again, but they still won't come on.
I've never before been in a cold dark space for this amount of time
and I'm seeing shades of black as though I'm not quite blind.

I swear a greyish figure flashed by the front of my car,
but I can't be sure if I can really see that far.
There was something there, and it's just flashed by again
and one passed in the rear view mirror, exactly the same.

What a time for my engine not to start and for my lights to fail.
This is definitely supernatural and makes for a scary tale.
Despite all this I've got to remain calm and do nothing untoward,
so I'll slowly remove the flashlight from the car's dashboard.

As I switch on the flashlight and scan the other parked cars
there are ghosts inside them, some with facial scars.
When I catch their faces in the light, they turn and point at me,
as if they were giving me a warning of how future things will be.

I quickly turned the ignition key and everything started okay,
then the car park lights came on and it was as bright as day.
The ghostly images all vanished from the cars and from sight,
and I decided that I didn't want to park here after all tonight.

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