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The Underpinnings Of My Dreams
SN (13th October 1980 / lagos, nigeria)

The Underpinnings Of My Dreams

When I search for motives
To my thoughts and dreams
I find little material.
I search deeper
Into the hollows and crevices of my mind
To unveil associations
Directly alien to my thoughts -
Could it be just my moods,
Or the strains of past experiences
As they come flooding in;
Could it be sounds outside the window
Injecting into my slumbering duty?
Could it be malicious witches
Aiming to frustrate my bliss;
Or is it just me and my idleness
Seeking an unconscious relief from realness?
I continue to quiz
Meditations upon the bargain
To grasp the truth,
The utility of which to put paid
To the endless search to the underpinnings
Of the intrigues of my mind.

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