The Undulating Fields Of England

As beautiful a scenery as there is to be seen
The undulating fields of England so lush looking and green
The hawthorn hedgerows snow white in their blossoms of the May
Where the old brook from the high ground to the river winds it's way.

Above the undulating fields of England in Spring the skylark fly
To welcome in the dawning as it creeps across the sky
And in the leafy woodlets nesting birds sing all the day
When wildflowers are in the old fields in England far away.

Old Les who drinks at the local is Yorkshire born and bred
And a life of great adventure one can say he has led
But when he returns to England he has been heard to say
It will not be for a visit it will be for the long stay.

The undulating fields of England so beautiful to view
And amongst the finest scenery i have seen they rate with the top few,
The wildflowers of the Summer are blooming by the rill
That babbles through the valley from it's birth-place by the hill.

by Francis Duggan

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