Sexual Fantasy

Sexual Fantasy-

It all began, with a thought
An image, a blueprint for the foundation of her lust. A desire that has been suffocating for life underneath all of her clothes, constricting her.

Binding her so tight the only words she dare release are 'I want you'.. 'I want to feel you'.. 'Come over'..
My heart begins to race.
Imagining all of the sexual favors I want to exchange with her.
Painting pictures with my mind.

I ignite the car after she ignites my flame.
Driving as if I was sponsored by NASCAR- changing lanes, with no signals, diving through traffic lights. There's no law that will keep my car out of your garage ;)

Evading her housemates, we slip into her room.
She has everything put in perfect place. The lights are low but our urge is high and the candles are burning like our passion.. They'll be wax puddles by the time were through..

We lie in a pasture of roses, she smells like a special brand of heaven, glow of an angel.. Now let us sin.. Let me in.
I kiss every inch of her eager body, her lower lips are ticklish like it was her first kiss ;) ..

'Why are you shaking love? ', 'Would you like me to stop? ' She cringes as the thought and pleads for me to continue. Deeper! Harder! Stronger! Faster! Longer, She wants it all.

I drink from her waterfall until I'm intoxicated with her juices, I'm drowning into the river of her ecstasy with no paddle or hope of coming back in. Her soft moans keep me going, whispering dirty secrets in my ear as I devour her. Have a seat, on my face.
Don't play pussy? ;) ..

She Let me massage her gooey spot, every dropp of her sweet nectar like honey, vibrating my stinger... No stops this time. Let's see how many times I can free her.. Ride me like a bucking bull, tame my tongue, whip me if I disobey. I wouldn't travel all that way for her to be hesitant- Shes heaven scent.

Lets make love on this cloud and never come down.
She looks so sexy when she does that there.

She uses me as her toy all night long. Touching herself and letting me watch her. 'Do you want more? Take it! '
'Just grab my head and force me closer! '

I'm her slave for the moment. She can have me any way she like…
I could spend hours between her legs; teasing… sucking; sipping; tasting her. I can't believe what she's doing to me.
I love pleasing her and the sounds of her pleasure drive me crazy.

'Get on your hands and knees, sweetheart and wait like a good girl.' 'Now spread your legs wide for me darling. Your body is mine tonight.'

It felt as if days had gone by in my mind while we loved into eternity.. She asks if I want to stay, to live in her world forever. But before I can think to answer; I opened my eyes. She has vanished... This is my sexual fantasy.

by JDsmooth Harris

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i really like this poem.
Mind fog brain freeze writer's block! ! ! happens to all of us...