The Unforgivables

Be ye not troubled by the trespasser,
For my hand is upon their heart,
And upon yours as well.

Know that is the selfish nature of man,
That perceives encroachment
Upon the territories of the heart,

And, it is that heart
That defines the obscure boundaries
Against the passerby.

For it is not you
Against which they trespass,
Nor do you ever

Truly trespass against the contender,
But in all cases
It is against Me

And my doctrine
That indiscretions are collected
Against the Light.

And though you are troubled,
By the actions of your brothers,
The place of judgment is reserved for Me,

For your cannot see fully into the heart
Of your enemy,
And, their eyes also,

Are consigned only
To witness
The actions of the flesh.

So my children,
It is because of thy darkness,
That you see shadows in your brothers,

And because of the scales
Upon their eyes,
They are blind to the light I see.

And now the hearts of my children
Have been hardened over time,
Because they have chosen not to love,

And, preferred vengeance
To the light of truth,
And have perceived at every turn

Enemies to their heart
And trespassers to their soul…
The unforgivables.


by ~~~ Leaven ~~~

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