Four Limericks


A wretched man sat upon a seat
Nigh the fire, as he felt the heat
He thought, 'Lo, this, all things can burn
To dust and never any spurn! '
So he jumped into the fire from his seat.


A koboless man who rode from afar
Went to drink in a public bar.
'Bartender, bring me an empty cup'
He ordered, 'With my tears i'd fill it up'.
The bartender brought him an empty jar.


A love-lorn man went to a hitch party
To seek for a lass he'd find pretty.
After drunken by many a heavy glass,
He stumbled upon a very pretty lass
But she was one of the dolls at the party.


A wise man who wore new pair of shoes,
On reaching a muddy place, had to choose
Between saving his shoes and to cross over.
He thought, 'This mud i've got to maneuver'
Thus he crossed over upon removing his shoes.

by Goodness Tchibueze

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