The Unfriendly Town

I have no wish to seduce their women or set their homes on fire
Or to harm them in any way i feel no desire
To them i am a stranger one they only visually know
But their dislike of me in their body language show

They ignore my greeting when i say hello
Stare at me in passing as if i were a foe
A stranger among them and among them i will not stay
I will not return not even for a brief holiday

Have you ever been in the unfriendly town
Where the locals without speaking look you up and down
And pass you in silence though their body language say
Go back to where you came from to your town far away?

In the unfriendly town in their silence they make it clear
To them a stranger is one for to fear
In xenophobia traits the locals do not lack
I was glad on leaving there and to there i won't be going back.

by Francis Duggan

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