The Unhappy One

He reached the heady heights of fame, wealth and success the heady heights that few have ever known
But he would give it all for to be happy yes everything in life that he does own
And though he is one who is not short of admirers and those who aspire to big things he impress
Money has bought him friends with the well connected as well as women but it has failed for to bring him happiness
His three ex wives and his seven children all millionaires thanks to him but money happiness does not bring to his life
In his late sixties he knows if he so wished to that he could buy himself another wife
He only wishes now for to be happy and though many people his praises do sing
He cannot buy the one thing in his life missing and he realizes money is not everything
He is one of the wealthy and the famous but he is not one who can claim to have it all
He does not know what it's like to feel happy that does seem sad for one in his life's Fall
A man that many young people look up to the aspirational he does inspire
For to be as wealthy and successful as him most people do need someone to admire
He has made his children and his ex wives very wealthy and he lives at a fashionable address
But one important thing in his life missing and that is the nine letter word of happiness.

by Francis Duggan

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