The Unhonoured War Heroes

For them in their Homeland no memorial or last post is ever played
And in their honour there never was a parade
The brave young Irishmen who fought in World war one
In their Homeland ignored as if wrong they had done.

David Lloyd George Britain's Prime Minister at the time promised the young men of Ireland
When the war was over British troops he would command
To return home from Ireland and give to the Irish self rule
But to the flames of deceit he was merely adding fuel.

As history does tell David Lloyd George went back on his word
At this the people of Ireland were naturally perturbed
And thousands of brave young Irishmen who fought on Britain's side
of any honour in Ireland were forever denied.

The war for young Irishmen that went all wrong
They are not remembered in story and song
In the war fields of Europe thousands of them lay dead
And the Irish war survivors by David Lloyd George were misled.

by Francis Duggan

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