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The United States Of Shitholes

Reagan said
the great thing
about America
is that anyone
could come here
and become an American.
Be just as American
as the rest of us.

Did he mean
those of us
already here
aren't that American
in the first place?

Did he mean
it wasn't that special
to be an American?
That it was like
getting a diploma
from the
Wizard of Oz?

Or did he mean
anyone could come here
and become the son
of an alcoholic, become a lifeguard,
a radio broadcaster,
a B-movie star,
and finally,
The Leader of the Free World
and a doddering shill
for the rich
and corporate?

Or did he mean
becoming an American
was like coming to Jesus
- - available to anyone
willing to repent
and believe,
to wish upon a star
- -anyone who could
get in the door
or even those who couldn't?

Sure, why not?
Why can't everyone
become an American?
Even the people
Trump kicks out
and sends home
to their shitholes
of origin.
Even those
who never
heard of America
can become Americans
the whole world
is American.
Even the Haitians,
the Nicaraguans, the Mexicans,
even China, and Borneo, and Tonga,
and the whole continent
of Africa.
- - All 56 nations
- - Americans,
just like us.
can become America
without moving an inch.
Same for Afghanistan
and Somalia
- -the poorest
most benighted
countries on Earth,
The United States of Shitholes,
can become
just by wishing
upon a star.
They can become
without even wishing,
whether they want to
or not.

It's like globalwarming.
A process has been
set into motion
that is irreversible.
The whole world
is becoming
Every dadblasted one of us
is becoming
whether we want to
or not.
There's no going back

by Doug Lane

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