DG (17 years of age / London, UK)

The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

3,000,000,000 people in our world would say,
That they live on less than $2 a day.
No education means 1/3 of them can’t read,
No money coming in, yet mouths to feed.
Yet do they sulk, do they cry,
NO! ! They live the happiest of lives.
They have nothing to lose yet nothing to gain,
Maybe now you understand their pain….

When a child is under 16,
To keep them in work is too mean.
Even so, in work, are a quarter of a billion,
And out of them, under 10’s are 72 million.
Their do armed conflict and sexual exploitation,
And all of this happens in nearly every nation.
Millions of children are trafficked a year,
Imagine life, always in fear….

A cup of coffee costing £2 and the farmers get 5p.
Even though they cared for it and grew it on their tree.
Working 12 hours a day to get 75p,
£80 to work 12 hours, get we.
0.01% of the world receives fair trade,
Yet still, no millionaires in Africa are made.
Sweating this much for so little money,
Yet people in the Western World find it so funny...

Prejudice or discrimination, call it what you may,
But all over the world, it happens every day.
Over 11,000 black a year are killed in America alone,
Buildings burnt, people with no home.
The main culprits are the Ku Klux Klan,
Killing all Blacks and Jews, woman and man.
Killing people because of the colour of their skin,
Aren’t we all the same colour within? ? ?

Now this is what nobody knows,
Not your friends and not your foes.
The worlds best kept secret is now out,
Tell the world, COME ON, shout! ! !
If any of these pictures represent you,
Then you don’t have to live like this, it’s true.
If only one of you fight, you may be too small,
But if all of you try, its impossible to fall….

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that poem is really really nice to me.THANK YOU SO MUCH.....GOD BLESS
Some admirable sentiments here, although it's curious that you mention things like the Ku Klux Klan in America but ignore the injustices of the caste system in India. With a name like Gandhi, I would think you would be aware of, and sensitive to, things like that.