The Universe

When this Universe was formed,
Hydrogen,Helium,Lithium and Beryllium,
Made the stars that the night sky is adorned
They exploded all elements then done.

Only way all other elements can be made,
So each of us is considered star stuff,
The Earth we stand on and air we breathe,
Fusion it is called making elements in a puff.

A puff of high heat and pressure to create,
All we see in our night sky,
Galaxies, Stars, Planets, all so great,
Nebulae that will become stars bye and bye.

All so happenstance from the Big Bang,
That created everything that we see,
A lot we have yet to name,
But the elements created made you and me.

Light travels 186,282 miles per second,
And 13.8 billion years furtherest we can see,
And Astronomy is a calling that still beckoned,
For so many a science a vocation to be.

For any thinking mind this should preclude,
Deities of any kind,
No one waved his hand to include,
Making anything, that's just so blind.

Life has been found 3.8 billion years past,
On Earth that is 4.6 billion years old,
Not that i wish to be an iconoclast,
But think for yourself not just what is told!

Science of Paleontology does exist,
From many years of hard work,
By smart people trying to expel the mist,
Created for control by some jerk!

if only people would not accept the belief,
Touted by parasitic charlatans for profit,
And do their own thinking for some relief,
Away from those dealing in fear from a pulpit!

by Franklin J. Warren

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