The Universe

you stretch to the limits of my imagination
in a continuous sea of blackness
where you grow stars and galaxies
cultivating them in their billions
you never stop to rest
you never stop for a cup of tea
for your duties are immense
and your responsibilities unimaginable
for you are the universe...

you have stretched time to its limits
pulling on the fabric of space with ease
untangling the mysteries of the cosmos
you built a never ending industry
that is surrounded by darkness
leaving us to ponder
meditating on the reality of your existence
the vastness of your empire
and the powerful forces that you possess
dark matter and dark energy
the substance of your costume
the skin of your armour
and the pulses in your heart

you have stretched mankind to his limits
from your atoms to your stars
you never stop amazing me
with your billion lights in the sky
you never ran out of power
with your big bang
you never needed explosives
with your blackness
you never needed the sun to set
with your supernovas
you never feared destruction
with your many suns
you never ran out of energy
with your gravity
you never planned to escape

you have multiplied the world a billion billion times
starting with planets you did not rest
planting the solar system you continued
with your innovation
you build a galaxy
the "milky way", they say
a hundred thousand light years apart
a billion suns and a trillion planets
multiplied by a billion galaxies
equals to the universe

by Kenneth Maswabi

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