The Universe

The shimmering, billowing, cloudlets
Float across a midnight sky,
And shining down to earth below
Sparkling starlets pass you by.
The starlets are the planets
And the galaxies on high,
Some are a million miles away
While others seem near by.
The awesome splendor of it all
Man just can't comprehend,
How God designed this universe
And how it all began.
Man stands here upon the Earth,
So insignificant, so small
And ponders in his heart and soul
The wonder of it all.
As you gaze at all this beauty,
A million questions you must hold
How God anchors planets in the sky
And how the universe unfolds.
As you look at the majestic sky,
You ponder in your heart
How God could ever care for me
And in his plans, What's my part.

by Lee-Anne D. McGrath

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