The Universe Is Not An Idea Of Mine

The universe is not an idea of mine
My idea of the universe is an idea of mine.

-Fernando Pessoa


The center of the world was the earth
the sun, moon and stars moved around it
was the idea of the ancient man
loved by the clergy of the time
who knew God made the world in six days
so busy was he making it so fast he thought
he should take rest on the seventh day
lest he dies of fatigue and has left no time
to train the clergy to tell us the story
of creation of the world with a starry dome
under which we live and were pushed from heaven
and above which lived fairies, farishtas and God himself.

The clergy now know the earth is not the center of the world
That there are no winds, fires, rains, tornadoes, and plague gods
That there are no gods that bring pestilence, floods and famine
That there is DNA, the genetic material that makes us
That chimp and man has almost exactly identical copies of this
That beyond our dome are many more galaxies in the universe
That man has learned to cure diseases and avoid pestilence and famine
That man can change the climate by wisdom or foolishness
That it seems impossible to make the universe in six days
That dome is not the dome the ancient man thought
That the design of the universe is not what the ancient man thought
By bringing God in to explain whatever he could not make sense of.

Yet, the clergy. the preachers, the quacks, the bull shitters
still believe in the ancient ideas of the ancient ignorant man
That God made the world around six thousand years ago
and created a man called Adam somewhere in Yemen near Eden.
Adam was tall, handsome, white, with long hair any damsel would die for
But there was not a single damsel for Adam to have fun with
His bed of rocks and leaves was cold, in winter he shivered
God loved Adam, he cut open his chest, took an extra left rib
and made in an instant Eve, a beautiful damsel for him.
Both, though were stark naked, did not know how to have some fun with each other
Adam did not know what to do with his snake like hanging organ until a snake appeared with an apple
Adam listened to God, did not touch the apple, but Eve got horney after she bit the apple
Adam could not resist, he bit the apple as Eve did, got horny and jumped on Eve the next moment
And what happened in that jump, the clergy do not know except a son was born
and in another horny jump another son was born, Abel or somebody who knows to be sure
So three male - note it down- and only one female in the very first family on the flat earth
went on making sons and daughters, grand-sons and grand-dughters so on and on for six thousand years
and now we have six billion people made by three men and a single woman - note it down - in the very beginning
without any adultery of whatsoever -note it down- at that time in the world of God's creation...

(this idea of the world will be explored further later in many other amazing poems. Stay tuned to the RK ministry for enlightenment)

by Ravi Kopra

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