CH (June/64 / New England, USA)

The Universe Whispers

Your world is established.
Everyday predictable, everything in place.
Planets aligned, affairs status quo.
You weather the different climates of each passing day.
Isn't better to be 'safe'?

In praise of your pretentious accomplishments,
You bless the midnight meadow of stars each night.
Ignoring the melancholy sadness, the ache within your soul.
The need to belong, the subconscious feeling of being lost.

As you stare at the night sky above, mesmerized by the magic.
The Universe gently whispers,
'You're not lost, you're just not where you're supposed to be'.
The silvery constellations, now a resounding choir, sing the truth.

You hear it, you acknowledge it, for a moment intuition presides.
The authoritative full moon confirms it.
Have you ever known someone so true to your heart?
You panic at the concept the Universe has given to you.

You stifle it, you run away, rationalize the inconvenience.
Resist the imperfections. You deny the Universe.
You choose to dispose of the deepest devout love ever given to you.
All in the name of fear.

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Comments (4)

a good thought provoking read this gives...well structured poem and nice diction...10
the universe when whispers moon yet razzle by the vision passion dapples its colours love devout never be stiffled.....................unique imagery of love when dappled, yet insght deep flows with ingenuity, well penned,10/10, thanks for sharing
you have broad vision about took a snapshot of the have true, precious feelings about means you are precious too.i offered slute to you. please read my poems also and give your comments thanks bye
Never deny the Universe my friend. A brilliant bit of introspection! Thanks.