The Universe

The world is our land
That Almighty God has existed
For all human beings.
As human beings, we are the co-creator of God. God is our Father, who loves us all
Knowing the good of His children.
We as human beings in the likeness of God,
We are the counselor,
The educator of our children;
As God said, "Be prosperous and multiply." The world is beautiful.
As we can see, we are in the material world.
Seek and knock,
All good things shall be added unto you. The true love of God the Father,
He sent Jesus Christ His son
The savior of all mankind. Fear no more,
For we are reunited with God the Father
Let's make the universe our home
Reforming our ways into useful deeds.
The benefit each one of us as God's will-
Love one another as I've loved you. Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven above.
The angels and saints of God are singing
For Peace and Unity
Glory to you, Oh God!

by Josefina Rabaca

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