The Unknown

For we are the broken ones
The ones who trudge along on this lonely path we pave for ourselves
The silent ones who question their very existence
The ones who are encompassed by darkness all the time
We pity it all, we hate it all, we fear it all
The storm that leads us into the battle we fight within ourselves
rages and burns
We’re like fire and ice all at once
But who are we
And why are we here
As we stop to consider it we find the truth
There is always light where there is darkness
And not all battles are won but they are not all lost either
It is said that hate is love that has lost its way
And all those silent questions will eventually find their answers
Lonely paths have a crossroad
and broken things, can be mended
So if there is always a yin to a yang
Why not for us as well?

by Farina Afrin Malik

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We’re like fire and ice all at once But who are we And why are we here you are a big philosopher. you know the questions you ask: Who am I? why am i here? they are perennial questions of renowned philosophers. thank you. write you have great potential. thank you. God bless you. tony
Find the truth of heavy darkness in our mind and fill the broken things mended [ave the way for the fire inside to light our soul light again
Well done. A beautiful read
Beautifully done.reading again.
beautiful exactly how I feel again wonderful