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The Unknown
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The Unknown

There are times in life
When we are forced to make decisions
Whether good or bad
They need to be made
And sometimes the outcomes
Of these decisions, are not
Easily identifiable. Sometimes
They are mysteries
Yet still we make decisions.

But what are they based on
If the outcome is so unclear
Is it as simple
As merely making the decision
To move on
To find someone or something
Or is it a sense
Of deep down knowing
That you are not being true
To yourself and have been
Living a lie
For one day too long now.

I don’t pretend
That I know the answers
To my own questions
Perhaps there are none
And maybe its not
About right or wrong
But about feelings.
The feeling that you
Want more,
That you deserve more
That even if
You never find more
And die too young
In your search for it
That at least
You were trying
And searching
And not

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