It is shame to lie; it is shame to steal.
It is indecent to be greedy too.
You must teach your kids thus in their schooling.
Integrity, not prosperity,
Will keep together the warring society.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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another good sonnet, mary. and even as one who knows God is, i wonder about what's chance and what's not. good move, i think, that you end with a question instead of an assertion. -glen
Does god play dice? Where is the higgs boson? Is (2^1000!) +1 a prime number? Does god have a dad? A thought provoking poem.10/10. If you could answer any of these questions I would be greatful. Thankyou.
A lovely statement of the overlap between science's 'how' & theology's 'why'. Thank you.
'Stately, stellar dance': stellar imagery in a stellar sonnet!
Outstanding Mary! Another materfully-crafted sonnet.