(1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

The Unknown Gardeness

Land wise she knew it's length and width and
great was the strength, in her two hands.
Milking cows, spraying milk it made her smile
spraying milk deep into the mouths of all her cats.
So she sought the depths in the soft earth to escape.
She was drawn up into, drawn onto all her
plants that hid inside what
others sought, seeking thus she became lost inside.
Gentle heads that popped, broken 'sighs' the noises
that she stirred, firm gentle fingers that she used to squeeze.
Eye's opened wide as if all she was
watching sticky sapp stick to her moving hands.
Popped broken 'sighs' the noises witch
drew deeper breaths, the kind that made her twitch.
Plants that moved about without a wind,
moving plants without a touch, long gentle 'sighs'
that moved her smiling full lips.

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