The Unknown Savour

A large Tusker, domesticated one
Came to the village with a task
Wood lifting and carrying to distant
The Mahout in steady command, in work.

Unfortunate event, something happened
The Tusker in faint and fall in ground
People thought it was dead
Feared how it can be removed from field
The paddy field, otherwise will decay.

Suddenly a stout man came from the crowd
Asked the mahout to accompany him
Bravely he made a sound of alarm and command
Told the mahout to give a heavy blow
And ask the elephant to stand erect and walk.

Prompt adherence of the command made result
The Tusker was not died but faint
Fearing the blow it stood and ran
The mahout commanded in right direction.
Who and from where the gentleman a mystery
Still continues as a legend story in village.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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