The Unknown Smile (The Other Me)

I did wake up at stupid o'clock
Noone was unaware of my this habit
I stood up of the bed very rapid
And with swollen face, I had a walk
To the mirror, where I got a shock
As I found an unknown smile on it

The other me on the mirror was smiling
At me- the smile was not wonted
I could see his teeth, almost blunted
And his innocent face, merely surviving
He seemed- he must had been lying
Since many hours with his body exhausted

I focused on his smile, if I could
Find a sign of familiarity that I
Must had missed, but on his bone dry
Face, no expression was understood
Neither his intoxicating eyes were so good
That I could get a hint from them thereby

His smile might contained thousands of pain
Thousands of sorrow that he always concealed
The wound he'd got might couldn't be healed
But he unceasingly smiled again and again
I wondered if all his smiles went in vain
But for me his smiles were as far afield

Gradually he became blurred, plus
Everything around, I was so scared
If I would lose him, but I forcely stared
At him and a drop of tear did rush
From my eye, which had separated us
Then as before, on the other side he glared

I never wanted from there to leave
But being real, I had got a pile
Of promises, he was virtual while
I had much more lost to retrieve
And much more new to achieve
So, I left him there, along with his smile.

by Banik Rai

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