The Unlikely Hero

Where he lives none does help you when you are down
The one out of work in the poor side of town
A young man in his early twenties with life struggling to cope
Though of finding employment he is not without hope.

Disadvantaged by the suburb he lives in and his postal address
Such things potential employers do fail to impress
But of searching for a job start he never does cease to try
Of courage in adversity none of him can deny.

One cannot say of him he does not do his best
And he showed his true courage when put to the test
He saved a baby girl's life in a house fire
In the unlikely hero so much to admire.

To save a grateful parents child life he put his own life on the line
Yet an offer of an award for bravery he did decline
Of saving a young life he did not make a big thing
And his praises he does not wish others to sing.

In the factory he worked in his job he enjoyed
'Til when the company went into receivership he became unemployed
But to the victim mentality he is not inclined
And he will keep searching 'til a job he will find.

by Francis Duggan

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