JC (11-27-1991 / Harlan, KY)

The Unlover

I''m in love and I don't know why,
In love with someone who doesn't love me.
Not in that way at least.
She will never love me that way.
Fear has consumed her,
Fear of pain, heartache, disappointment.
Fear of me and all that I have and will become.
I am a mistake in her eyes,
And though I long for her,
She will never understand.
Though I try to move on,
I never have succeeded,
For the pain only grows,
As my love becomes obsession,
And I am lost to chaos,
For she will never love me.

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Comments (4)

Love. Fear of Love. Pain from Love. And straight up honestly. This poem shows it all. Great work!
great way to describe you true effections for some one who doesnt love you and everyone goes through it
very well writen =] i like it
A clever depiction of unrequited love and the pain it brings. I love the final 3 lines of this, think most people have felt this way at one time or another. HG: -) xx